kids with guns lyrics

kids with guns lyrics A comprehensive analysis that would be documentaries Banana and an autobiography by O’Leary as well as their works is a colossal undertaking inspired by the conceptual documentaries. Gorillaz, the virtual group created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, have over the years produced an impressive body of music that does not stick to one genre, idea, and concept but explore different musical styles, themes, and concepts.

To undertake the so comprehensive an analysis though it will be essential to dig deep into every album, every EP and every song by Gorillaz. This shall encompass lyrical themes, musical patterns, production techniques, and image contexts, clearly tiled in as many songs as possible. Moreover, taking into account where each album came from, the framework, the influences and the artists’ experiences would be extremely important for the reconstruction of the “songs’ story kids with guns lyrics.

This too draws attention to the band’s distinctive visual style and storyline, and it would be relevant to know how the music influences the characters and the animation used in the videos and other artwork. Coming up with such an interdisciplinary approach will give another angle to the analysis, and it will be possible to grasp more details of Gorillaz’ artistic view and how they developed through the years.

With the Gorillaz music world so rich and the amount of looking required reaching a great deal, a project of such complexity would inevitably get to the time required, financial and expertise resources. Nevertheless, for followers and researches, it will, possibly, serve a purpose of understand one of the greatest musical bands that has ever played on earth.

Kids With Guns

“Imagine this: while a kid holds and shows until them the knife which he picked up and casually threw away on the grass, other friends get frightened by this gesture. It is kind of a scenario, indeed, that might look relatively unimportant from the outside, however, it, in fact, hints at something much bigger. Concurrently with that, we observe a frightening process – the pastime slowly becoming an ordinary thing for the young of 20s kids with guns lyrics.

kids with guns lyrics

Removing the claim of it being a common occupational accident and recognizing it as something graver will do more good than the imagined harm. The child’s inclination to lay their hands on a weapon to use in the presence of a peer of the same age demonstrates the atmosphere in which they spend most of their time.

This isn’t an isolated problem of one boy with a knife. In other words, it is about the socio-political situation that is responsible for the violence all around us. While the mass media glorifies violence and real struggles of life and business are present, the sense of compassion toward others weakens among the youth that are faced all the time with such unethical things.

As adults, educators and members of the community, we have the duty to address it forcefully and most importantly. We should secure a zone of liberating discussion, assist those who are close to danger to provide help, and attempt to tear down all systems that continue violence kids with guns lyrics.

Through understanding what goes wrong and discovering smart ways to prevent it, the future can count on a world that is more just, egalitarian, and safe for everyone.

Kids With Guns (Demon Detour)

With “Kids With Guns”, the band says goodbye to the old aural style and opens the door for the new sonical direction their album is going to take. Having made a record dealing with darker and more serious territories the band invited its audience to enter a world full of meanings where they would be able to end up being taken behind-the-scenes of the world around us.

“Demon Days” is that among the rest of Gorillaz’s discography by the feature of which rock elements are heavily referred to and by which pounding guitar work is most noticeable. Moreover, in the tracks where hip hop elements seamlessly intertwine with rock, the searing guitar riffs diffuse meaningfully into the texture of the songs. While this album displays Gorillaz’s variety, it expertly blends various genres together, from rock, hip hop, and more, into a single tune that produces an exciting sound kids with guns lyrics.

Danger Mouse is no doubt the most important name who changed the entire image of the album. He has almost failed to escape from the gooses that honked on his authority of creating the sound of “Demon Days”. The one and only producer of the millennium, or perhaps of all time is known under the name of Danger Mouse. He is an outstanding person, who can see details in even the most complex works. Their collaborative work with Gorillaz created a solid, detailed sound that helped enrich the album and bolster the underlying sense of chaos.

The only point worth making here is that Danger Mouse brought in a few restrictions which Damon Albarn had to work under while mixing the album. While Danger Mouse was covering the tracks by jousting with a wave of sound like a cathedral, Albarn went back from time to time and arranged his lyrics to fit perfectly together with the rest of the musical galaxy.

In a nutshell, “Kids With Guns” turns out to be the transition that the tenor has to undertake when they are heading into something totally different from the previous one, thus it was a mark of durability and complexity that they had attained on “Demon Days”. No matter whatever the case was, the band, with their expertise of combining rock, hip hop, and electronic elements prevails on the genre of mainstream.

kids with guns lyrics

Kids With Guns (Demon Days Live, with Neneh Cherry)

“Kids With Guns” is a track giving us a ride over their sonic development and evolution, that what sounded like a weird, yet outstanding trip hop song had been turned into a sort of an openly stated art statement with punk flavor plus tight production. The overall mood of the song is set at the very begining by the main riff, which travels behind the distorted bass by Jason Cox, with James Dring lively drumming acting as a background element. The rhythm of the track is also deliniated by the inclusion of a drum machine.

The punctiliousness of it all falls upon the shoulders of Damon Albarn, as he introduces further complicated elements to add more depth to the track. An array of sizzling synthesizers, gritty sound effects, and a low-key piano man toward the end of this piece are what provide it with a true sonic landscape. Besides, putting a chugging rhythm guitar into the mix although only lightly adds so much body and texture to the tune therefore the bass riff remains as the central section where it can carry everything along and stir up the track with unyielding intensity.

Albarn’s text, though, make this song stand out, producing a thoughtful commentary on the unspeakable strangeness of youth and violence. A rap breakdown from Posdunos of the De La Soul was contemplated at first, however, Albarn was able to do the vocals and the lyrics for the track perfectly. His passion during the recitation of the lyrics gives the song the real and true quality which makes the lyrics being understood by all the listeners.

In effect, “Kids With Guns” serves us a clear evidence of Gorillaz’s ability to transcend the limits of genres and experiment when making music as long as the purpose is to deliver a consistent and engaging artistic message. With attentive production of thoughts as well as captivating rhythm and instruments, the team at this position gives an insight into the band’s creativity and growth that elevates the song to the greatness in their catalog.

Kids With Guns (Escape To Plastic Beach Tour, with Neneh Cherry, partial footage)

The fictionality of “Kids With Guns” lyric create space to draw meaning, and such interpretation starts with the audience’s stance towards the message. Before analyzing symbols, you need a basic understanding of the author’s intent and purpose. One possible reading implies that the song, either intentionally or unintentionally, commentates youth violence’s obsession with having unrealistic expectations, and the overreaction of adults, which is characterized by the “fear mongering.” Albarn’s quote pointedly seems to be looking at the adult’s perspective, that is, in a disapproving manner of the adult’s extreme cautiousness, and/or over emphasis on the threat of children.

kids with guns lyrics

Nonetheless, it is possible to interpret the song in different ways, with one of these being that its depth of understanding the complexities of the problem is acknowledged. It shows sense of fear and the feeling of missing out which makes Damon (as a 2D) either a victim of it or the one acting out the fear to the listener. The bat and coffin imagery in the lyrics might be used to bring fear to the mind of the listener rather than trying to address the matter indicated in the lyrics.

The key dillemma of the song revolves around whether being glorified as the heroes of gun and violence among the youth is a crab problem, and if so, how to manage it. Although it admits the existence of young people’s misbehaviour, it also states that the punishment and condemnation of these young people could be the last thing society needs with the prediction that such condemed young people will carry out the lethal attacks that we have been fearing about. This story about the kid with the situation, to a large extent, confirms the point of the communication gap between two generations, as well as the importance of dialogue and empathy.

By the end, “Kids With Guns” is a mirror of complex facts about living with violence and youthful minds, thus, asking for reaction from the listeners’ eyes fighting alongside the mind of youth. It points out that only in such way the lasting change can be achieved, when both the understanding, communication and the determination to get to the heart of the causes of violence take place, and not merely the reaction to the fear.

Kids With Guns (Escape To Plastic Beach Tour, with Neneh Cherry, full footage)

Neneh Cherry’s impact ‘Kids With Guns’ is the acceleration in intensity and the raw energy. In live performances she amplifies by adding the chaotic atmosphere that existed too. Her voice might be more muted on the studio version yet her impact however becomes much more dominant during the resounding end when she sings along up to hers vocals are layered and the song is hence made to be richer kids with guns lyrics.

In live performances, Neneh Cherry’s degree of involvement advances the song to a higher level, because she essentially leads the show and keeps adding her personal unique style to it. She is able to impregnate the power of the song in a mysterious way with her loud stage presentation that makes it unforgettable to her listeners.

The instrumental of “Kids With Guns” is made remarkably strong by Damon Albarn’s guitar, James Dring’s suitable drumming, and Jason Cox’s monstrous bass work thus the production of cacophony of sounds. The song with its final chaotic (noise, feedback, wild riffs, and cells of drums) intact contributes to the song’s attributes.

Generally, “Kids With Guns” enters the limelight as a top track for Gorillaz, highlighting their ability to combine things musically and create an intense and powerfully expressive experience. With all sorts of tensions, the song just screams how the band gets the point of rock music: challenging the conventions and the establishment without the convention of the music style and foolishness that often reduces the content of the song and music to decoration.


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